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Ever since Minions: The Rise Of Gru hit theaters, people have been asking me, ‘Which Despicable Me film do I like the best?

So today, I’m going to rank all 5 Despicable Me and Minions movies from worst to best in my Despicable Me Franchise Ranking.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve watched and re-watched all of the Despicable Me and Minions feature films, and all the special features and short films. The films have pulled in over $1.5 BILLION at the World Wide Box Office. Now, let’s get down to my List!

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Despicable Me Franchise Ranking #5 — Despicable Me (2010)

In at Number 5 is the one that started it all for the franchise, and Illumination as a studio… We’re talking about 2010’s Despicable Me.

‘No no no no no… **Bounce** I’ve got him… **Crash**’

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The first Despicable Me movie has a much slower pace, with a more deliberate, intellectual sense of humor than all of the subsequent movies in the series. (Evil Bank = Lehman brothers sign clip)

It has the feel of an animated storyboard playing out in sequence, rather than action scenes in a movie. Almost like the Dilbert Comic Strip got a feature film.

‘**Breaking In** **Falling** **Shark Bounce**’

The animation quality is much lower in quality, especially compared to what Pixar was putting out around that time with 2009’s ‘Up’, 2010’s ‘Toy Story 3’, and 2011’s ‘Cars 2’.

We also get a much more generic interpretation of the Minions. Some of them have names, but there is little to no distinction in intelligence, personality, or looks between the individual Minions.

‘The larger the mass of the object, the quicker the effects of the shrink ray wear off… What are you girls doing back there? **Moon Gets Larger** **Yelling**’

Despicable Me got the ball rolling on the franchise. But, looking back now at the clunky animation and character development, it feels more like a rough draft than a finished product compared to all the other films in the franchise.

It’s a good start, but clearly Number 5 on this list. (Two and 3/4 Stars)

Despicable Me Franchise Ranking #4 — Despicable Me 3 (2017)

In at Number 4 is the most recent Despicable Me film, 2017’s Despicable Me 3.

New Director of the A-V-L, Valerie Da Vinci, voiced by Jenny Slate, doesn’t waste any time after taking over, and fires both Gru, and his wife Lucy.’

‘Which one of you losers is Agent Gru. That would be me. **Phone Rings** Good Bye.. Hey! Yes, Sir! You’re Fired! What??!!’

Courtesy: Despicable Me Franchise Ranking #4 — Despicable Me 3 (2017)/Dragon Movie Guy/YouTube

Gru finds out he has a long lost, twin brother named, Dru, in a country named Freedonia. Unlike the first Despicable Me film, Despicable Me 3, flies along at a rapid pace with three separate storylines going on at the same time.

Lucy spends time with the girls trying to hone her mothering skills. This includes forcing Margo out of her comfort zone, in a somewhat rushed case of cultural miscommunication.

‘Poor little guy. Nobody picked him. Go take a bite of his cheese, young lady! **Gasps** Wow! I am Nico! **Bites Cheese** Yes, yes! Thank You, Margo!’

Gru and Lucy failed to capture Balthazar Bratt in the opening credits, but they do stop him from getting the giant diamond he’s trying to steal — or so they think…

Fresh off their own solo film, the Minions also get their own storyline, including a prison break ripped straight out of Superman 2.

‘Gru? Oh! Go go go! **Wind** Come on. Buddy?’

The Minions’ storyline ties together well with the main story by the end of the film, but the whole film feels rushed.

And, the Gru and Dru ‘Spy Versus Spy’ allusion feels hurried and underdeveloped. Too many ideas and too little time to explore all the ideas included in the film. A more focused story would’ve helped the film rank higher on this list. (Three Stars)

Despicable Me Franchise Ranking #3 — Minions: The Rise Of Gru (2022)

In at Number 3 is the most recent flick in the franchise, 2022’s Minions: The Rise Of Gru… The first new film in the franchise since 2017…

We see much more of Gru than in the first Minions movies, including an attempt by 12 year old Gru to impress his villainous idols, the Vicious 6.

‘But, I am going to be a SUPER-villain! **Fart Sound** **Crowd Running**’

Courtesy: Despicable Me Franchise Ranking #3 — Minions: The Rise Of Gru (2022)/Dragon Movie Guy/YouTube

Kevin, Stuart, and Bob return as our lead Minions… Holding down most of the Minions part of the story, including learning Kung Fu from ‘Master Chow’, voiced by Michelle Yeoh.

We even get to see Kevin, Stuart, and Bob don the Bruce Lee style yellow Kung Fu costume.

‘**Ki Ya** Now you! **Hits Head** Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. **Hits Kevin’s Head**’

We add a fourth lead Minion named ‘Otto’ into the mix. Otto’s a short and free-spirited Minion, with braces on his teeth. On top of that, Otto gets entrusted with protecting one of Gru’s powerful stolen stones.

The 70’s fashion and cultural references are used well, especially by the Vicious 6 characters, including Taraji P. Henson’s ‘Belle Bottom’, and Michelle Yeo’s ‘Master Chow. All come together well when Gru and his Minions fight the Vicious 6.

‘**Whir** **Buzz** Happy New Year! **Yells** **Eggs Impace** **Gru gets broach** Nooo!’

A visually stunning flick with villains and minions transforming into even more magical creatures, Rise Of Gru also gives us an indepth look at Gru’s childhood. Minions 2 almost feels like there are TOO many ideas and storylines for one movie.

This second Minions film doesn’t stop to let the audience absorb the story and characters as much as the first film did. The film sometimes feels too crowded and less focused, resulting in a Number 3 position on my Despicable Me ranking.

Despicable Me Franchise Ranking #2 — Despicable Me 2 (2013)

In at Number 2 is the only love story, so far, in the franchise; 2013’s Despicable Me 2.

Gru meets his match in Lucy, a force for good, recruiting Gru to join the A-V-L.

‘Agent Lucy Wilde, AVL. Freeze Ray! You should really announce your weapons AFTER you fire it. **Buzz** Lipstick Taser!’

Courtesy: Despicable Me Franchise Ranking #2 — Despicable Me 2 (2013)/Dragon Movie Guy/YouTube

Gru and Lucy’s love story isn’t the only romance in this Despicable Me sequel.

Gru’s oldest daughter, Margo, feels the pitter patter of Cupid’s arrow with Antonio, the son of Eduardo Perez, the owner of the local Mexican Restaurant, ‘Salsa and Salsa’.

Needless to say, Gru isn’t eager to see his adoptive daughter get her first boyfriend.

‘What’s going on here? Se llama Antonio. Me llamo, Margo. Llama, Llama Ding Dong.’

Gru’s new job with the Anti-Villain-League has him suspecting Antonio’s Dad is the legendary villain ‘El Macho’.

Unfortunately, no one believes Gru until it’s almost too late for Lucy, and even El Macho himself.

‘We could’ve ruled the world together, Gru. **Swallows** **Gasp** **Growing** **Gut Shakes**.’

With better pacing than the first Despicable Me film, and more fun sight gags for the Minions as a whole… The romance plot lines work well in Despicable Me 2, bringing it in at Number 2 in my franchise Ranking. (Three and a Half Stars)

Despicable Me Franchise Ranking #1 — Minions (2015)

In at Number 1 is 2015’s Minions, the franchise’s first spinoff featuring the adorable, yellow sidekicks getting their own feature film.

And, featuring the best pacing, and the best balance between character and story… And, the best sight gags for the Minions to date.

‘Woohoo **Wake up!** **Screams** **Turns To Sand**.’

Courtesy: Despicable Me Franchise Ranking #1 — Minions (2015)/Dragon Movie Guy/YouTube

We get a fun origin story for the Minions, showing just how far back they go in their quest to serve an evil master.

The big bad for this film is Scarlett Overkill, showing up in 1960’s England, trying to steal Queen Elizabeth’s crown.

‘**Slap** **Yells** **Chase** **Kevin Yells** Kevin! **Hehe** *Chandelier falls** **Crushes Scarlett** No longer a coronation. It is an execution!’

We also get well defined Minion characters for the first time in Kevin, Stuart, and Bob. Kevin is our leader, Stuart is our musician, and Bob is our short, but lovable Minion who just wants to be included.

Kevin grows large and in charge, and must save Stuart and Bob from Scarlett and her weapons…

‘**Kevin Crushes Castle** Mello! **Grr** Here, hold my bear!’ **Splashes out fire** **Kevin Chuckles Victoriously**’

By far, the best film in the franchise thus far, the Minions get their own personalities, making all their sight gags so much funnier and distinct, like The Three Stooges.

We find out the Minions origin story and get the best pacing of any movie in the Despicable Me franchise, so far. And, most importantly, we find out how Gru gets the Minions to follow him in the first place.

Minions comes in at Number 1 in my Despicable Me franchise Ranking.



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