Fresh (2022) Review

The Plot

Noa, played by Daisy Edgar-Jones, is single, and she’s not particularly happy about it.

The Good — Fresh

Sebastian Stan

When looking at the horrors of modern dating from a woman’s point of view in a film, one must find an actor capable of charm as well as violence to cast as the bad guy. Sebastian Stan fits that role perfectly.

The Bad — Fresh

The Tone

Director Mimi Cave tries to ride that fine line between a Dark Comedy and a Horror film. However, Cave has a hard time finding where the line should be, or the right way to ride that line.

Supporting Character Usage

The Supporting Cast, led by Jojo T. Gibb’s performance as Noa’s Best Friend Mollie is cast well with talented actors. However, Director Mimi Caves usage of that supporting cast lacks a strong execution.

The Review — Fresh

The trailers for Fresh had me excited enough to make Fresh my #9 most anticipated film of March, but the reality of this film is rather bland and boring.



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