Nope NON-Spoiler Review

Courtesy: Jordan Poole’s returns with his third Directorial outing in Nope/Monkeypaw Productions/Universal

The Plot — Nope

O.J. Haywood, played by Daniel Kaluuya, runs his family’s horse ranch near Los Angeles. Haywood Ranch trains horses used in movies and T.V. shows, and has been in his family for six generations.

Spooked Animals

One thing both Jupiter’s Claim and Haywood Ranch have in common: lost or spooked animals in recent months.

The Good — Nope

Jordan Peele

Since being on a seemingly permanent hiatus from his hit Comedy show ‘Key & Peele’, Jordan Peele started a new career as an Oscar-Winning Screenwriter and popular Horror Director.

The Haywood Siblings

As much as Nope is about UFOs and Hollywood, it’s also about the relationship between Otis, Jr. and Emerald; and how that relationship between brothers and sisters change over time.

The Reveals

Nope features a lot of spoilers. And, the reveals of said spoilers are expertly done to build tension throughout the film.

The Review — Nope

#NopeMovie shows off Jordan Peele’s mastery of both Comedy AND Horror.

Computer Generated Images

Anyone who’s read a Dragon Movie Guy review knows how much I despise CGI, and how much I mockingly roll my eyes at the ‘we’ll fix it in post’ attitude of many filmmakers today. However, Nope’s CGI for the UFO is top notch. There was only one shot (of the UFO), about two thirds the way through that jumped out as fake/bad.



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