Review: Where The Crawdads Sing

Courtesy: Michele K. Short — Sony Pictures/Daisy Edgar-Jones stars as Catherine ‘Kya’ Clark, ‘Marsh Girl’ as others call her/Where The Crawdads Sing/3000 Pictures

The Plot — Where The Crawdads Sing

Catherine ‘Kya’ Clark has been through a lot.

Courtesy: Where The Crawdads Sing Instant Movie Review/Dragon Movie Guy/YouTube

The Good — Where The Crawdad’s Sing


All six of our prominent characters are well cast. British actress Daisy Edgar-Jones plays Kya from roughly 17 -25 years old.

The Bad — Where The Crawdads Sing


Director Olivia Newman and Editor Alan Edward Bell do serviceable work on Crawdad, but there is something missing. There is an internal logical consistency to their work, clear skill and care for their craft, and a consistent vision for the story they are trying to tell.

Kya’s Character Development

The filmmaking and storytelling in ‘Crawdads’ is rock solid, but one key story thread left un-explained is Kya’s education/intelligence level.

The Review — Where The Crawdads Sing

Where The Crawdads Sing feels like a dramatic movie from the 1990’s, similar to ‘Nell’, ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’, ‘Ghosts Of Mississippi’, etc. Rather oddly, it’s based off a 2018 novel by Delia Owens, making this a movie based off a relatively new book.



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